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From the blog

Your invisible crown

There’s a wonderful quote my friend Mimi told me once – “Always wear your invisible crown.” Your invisible crown means you can be the brilliant being that you are, even on the days when you couldn’t feel further away from queenly or... read more

Why I’ll never again wonder what’s wrong with me

This morning, I watched a TED talk by Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code. It came with a warning that it might make me cry, but I didn’t actually think it would. And then it did. Boys come to me when their code doesn’t work [a computer science... read more

Body positive – and proud

Recently I stumbled across this incredible lady – Megan of bodyposipanda. Megan posts gorgeous images and messages around the theme of loving your body exactly as it is. This is body positivity, and it has its roots in rebelling against the incessant thin =... read more

Why I cry less these days

Reading an awesome post by my lovely friend Gemma (and don’t let her fool you – she flew to my rescue back when she barely knew me, and she is an amazing friend), something stirred, reading her words about crying. If you knew me before the age of 26, you... read more

Dreams, impatience and those what-ifs that haunt me

I’m so impatient. I can’t wait for the life of my dreams to unfold before me, magically brought into being by the force of my wanting. Browsing the blogs and Pinterest boards I follow, I know what tugs at me and makes my heart sing, what I long to do and... read more

Emerging Fae: New Wings

  Today’s image came from a rainy July weekend – when I’m cooped up indoors I often get my camera out. (There are several outtakes with inquisitive kitteny cats who really wanted to play with the ribbons…) I’ve had this image and... read more