Join the Beta Group

***The Beta group is now closed***


If you’ve landed here then you’ll know I’m looking for a handful of people to test out the Unfurling course before I release it to the general public (squee!).

I believe this course is profoundly life changing, as it alters the way you see and perceive yourself – which spills over into every single aspect of your life. It’s magical and I’m so excited to share it with you.

I would love to have you along for the test run, but please know the following before you sign up:

When the course is fully up and running, it’ll take the form of a hardback book and a kit through the post, but for this first round the material will be PDFs (and probably not overly pretty ones – the focus is on the material rather than the design).
I’m offering this round at 90% off – £24 instead of £247 – to reflect the fact it’s a test and evaluation run, and online only, and in return I ask that you give me honest feedback and a testimonial at the end that I can use in my future marketing.
There is some journalling and self reflection, some photography (anything from a disposable camera to a DSLR to a phone camera is perfectly fine), some moodboarding and all sorts of other activities… all designed to get you thinking about your true self and what you really want, and taking action towards that.

Being part of the beta means you have access to the course for its life, and can take part in future live rounds if you wish, with no further charge.
Most of the interaction will take place in a private Facebook group – if you want to sign up and you’re not on Facebook please let me know 🙂
There will also be opportunities to guest post and/or be interviewed or profiled if you’d like to, for the Unfurling blog and also for my main site when I’m cross-promoting. This is entirely optional!
Your course material will go to the address you use to pay unless you let me know differently.