I believe that capturing a moment, an emotion, your essence on camera is one of the most magical and precious things in the world.

I’m also a firm believer in the transformative power of seeing yourself in a photograph – seeing yourself as others see you and shifting your perceptions about yourself.

In a society that profits from self-doubt, liking yourself (loving yourself) truly is a rebellious act.  (not my quote, so good I had to include it)

I’m Carla, and I use my camera to lovingly dismantle the inbuilt self-loathing we are taught to nurture more or less from birth.

My own first boudoir shoot was a revelation – viewing the gallery, in those photos, there was a girl who looked, unarguably – beautiful. Normal. Human. Curvy. Happy.


(photos by the lovely Grace via Burlesque Jems)

These were not descriptions I had previously used about my body, and I can’t fully describe the overwhelming feeling of starting to break free from my own self critical thoughts.

And that’s what I do here. I’m still on my own journey, and photography and writing are perfect ways for me to explore my imagination and my other selves.

But more importantly, they’re the best ways I know to start transforming the way you see yourself, learn to love yourself and your body as you are right now, and to celebrate yourself and who you really are, joyfully and gloriously.

It’s time to find your true story – shall we?

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