The Unfurling Your Wings Alter Ego course

Unfurling Your Wings is an immersive experience from alter ego expert, photographer and blogger Carla Louise which will change the way you think about and see yourself forever. Your alter ego is there, just waiting for you to discover and nurture her. Whether you already know her or just suspect her existence, Unfurling will help you blend her world with yours. I’ll help you find her and step into the best, brightest version of yourself.

Are you…

fed up with living a half life?

wondering where your magic and sparkle went?

longing for iridescent colour in your life, but don’t know where to start?

yearning to show up in the world as your true self – if you could only work out who she is?

Welcome home.

Join me for the Unfurling experience and I’ll show you how to find your wings…and use them.

This is my story:

From this…

… via this…

… to this!

Cast yourself back to the mid-2000s, if you would. I was quiet, sensible, happy enough and always did what I was expected to do – but never rocked the boat or did anything unexpected.

Then a job I loved and a long term relationship ended at around the same time, and suddenly I had no idea who I was any more.

I’d gone through life to that point listening to, and, doing, what other people thought I should – and while not terrible, it wasn’t… well, ME.

If you’ve ever felt a bit like you’re sleepwalking through life, or as if you’re just playing pretend at being a grown up in the real world, you’ll know exactly how that felt.

Drawing on my years of creating characters from fantasy worlds for forums, and in urgent need of a confidence boost, I started to infuse their personalities, quirks and traits with my own.

With my secret allies lending me their stashes of confidence, wit and courage, soon I was able to deal with any situation head on. No more hiding, or settling for so-so.

Which led me to reassess the parts of my life that weren’t lighting me up with joy, and change them too.

Fast-forward to now, and with the help of my various alter egos, I’ve evolved what I do at work, at home and at play – creating a life I dreamed of but didn’t think possible just a few years ago.  I’ve even transitioned from tolerating my body and seeing only its faults, to celebrating it publicly as a burlesque dancer.

Join me, meet your own secret allies, and change, forever, how you see yourself and how others see you.

How does it work?

Unfurling is very much based in the offline world – designed to get you off the screen and into your head and your world.

On launch day (1st August 2015), a parcel will wing its way to you containing everything you need to get started. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The Unfurling Your Wings handbook (or wingbook, as I like to call it) – a gorgeous book bursting with stories, photographs, prompts and exercises, in a week-by-week format
  • A custom Moleskine journal, for you to record your journey
  • A single-use film camera, to connect you with taking photos throughout the course
  • A sterling silver wings talisman

It’s designed to take six weeks to work through, but it’s self-guided and can be done at your own pace – so you can move through it as quickly or as lingeringly as you like!

What if…?

... I already have an alter ego?

You’re still very welcome to join – Unfurling is a deep dive into what you really want your alter ego to do and how she can help in your everyday life.

Having one already is a great start, but you never know what you might add!

... I want to create more than one alter ego?

Perfect! The course is evergreen and can be used as many times as you like. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for life and you can join in any future live versions free, too.

So you can repeat the process for different styles of alter egos, and have one for every occasion (as I do!).

... I want to gift this to a friend?

Your friend is muchly lucky! Please buy as normal and enter your friend’s details in the PayPal process – then drop me a line at carla at unfurlingyourwings dot com to let me know who the pack should ship to.

... I have absolutely no clue what my alter ego would be like?

Then you are about to find out! Unfurling was designed to tease out details about your alter ego even if you’d never considered her existence before you found this site.


The course is currently in its beta testing phase, and will be released to the world later in 2015. To make sure you know as soon as it’s ready, plus exclusive discounts and sneak previews, make sure you’re on the VIP list…

(no spam. ever.)