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The kettle’s on and I’m always happy to chat – just pick your favourite way of getting in touch!

You can find me, and Unfurling Your Wings, on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and you can email carla at unfurlingyourwings dot com too – or there’s a nice little contact form on this page.

Press enquiries

I can be reached by email in the first instance but am also happy to interview via phone, Skype or in person. Places I’ve previously appeared include the Telegraph, Careershifters, Free Range Humans, Pretty Nostalgic magazine and Japanese Performance magazine.

Speaking enquiries

Carla is available to speak on alter egos (of course!) and also self-image, body confidence, small business in the UK and women in business. Please get in touch via email or contact form to start with.

(and if you have an idea not listed, definitely say so – I’m always open to ideas! – C x)

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