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Hi! I’m Carla

Photographer by trade and by passion  |  daydreamer & fairytale lover  |  ex-librarian and book lover  |  professional-ish mermaid  |  burlesque & line dancer  |  larp photographer |  believer in unicorns & magic.

My whole life, I’ve never been able to shake a sense of dreamlike wonder, long after the point I was supposed to grow up and be sensible.

Often accused of living “off in my own world”, here’s where I explore what that world looks like… fairytale and fantasy ahoy!

Fine art photography of mermaids, fairytales and other magic lives over at

Brand photography for colourful, magical weirdos in business lives over at

Let’s play!

Latest musings

An alter ego update

An alter ego update

Another late night, another unscheduled but somewhat overdue update! I've been trying really hard to figure out where everything I do fits in my tangled web of websites and blogs, social media accounts and notebooks. The notebooks are destined to never be sorted out,...

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No grant, but inspiration

A few of you might know that I applied for the Developing Your Creative Practice grant in August. Sadly I found out yesterday I didn't get it, but am feeling surprisingly positive - the application taught me loads, I'm stepping up as a photographic artist as a result,...

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Steampunk selfie at the East Anglian Railway Museum

Steampunk selfie at the East Anglian Railway Museum

Popped in to the steampunk extravaganza at the East Anglian Railway Museum yesterday afternoon :) Acquired a new wand and some custom pieces for my goggles, met some fabulous humans and took my tiny top hat-in-progress for its first trial run. I walked like a girl in...

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