Lotta Fiero

burlesquer, pin up, circus girl, showgirl

Lotta, the first of my alter egos, is a burlesque artist, circus girl and pin up, a showgirl at heart who occasionally dips her toes into the sea of plus size modelling. She’s a founder member and performer in the Paper Dolls UK burlesque troupe.

As her name might suggest, she’s fiery, obstinate and quick to temper, but fiercely loyal too. She’s forever getting herself, and me, into trouble for saying exactly what she thinks with no censorship. 

Fiero comes from the Italian for proud, but I also like the fiery personality it hints at. Lotta is homage to the wild, talented, brave and impertinent Lotta of Mr Galliano’s Circus – Enid Blyton’s greatest creation. She’s what I hope the Lotta in the books would have grown up to be.