Another late night, another unscheduled but somewhat overdue update!

I’ve been trying really hard to figure out where everything I do fits in my tangled web of websites and blogs, social media accounts and notebooks. The notebooks are destined to never be sorted out, but the online parts have been a journey!

Between two writing retreats and the you-know-what in 2020, I’ve had a few new alter egos develop, so I’ve added them over here on the meet my alter egos page, updated image galleries for the ones I already had here, and also added a mailing list sign up for my art & fantasy photography. Along with generally having a bit of a tidy up of the random trailing pages that were lurking.

Best practice probably says I should merge this site back into Carla Watkins Photography – but stubbornness, multipoddery and me say it’s staying as it is. I still hope to re-release the Unfurling course at some stage, either as a course or as a book, and I like having somewhere specific for this recurring interest / obsession of mine that grows rather than fades with each passing year.

While I’m sadly missing Colchester Medieval Festival this year, I’m plotting some festivals for next year, so will have an excuse for more costume making.

So here’s welcoming Demelza Pearl Trevean, and hoping I’ll get the opportunity to shoot a bit more around my alter egos over this summer!