It’s been a while since I’ve been over here – since launching my photography business in earnest, and then dealing with grief over losing my Dad, my alter ego work took a back seat.

And then, in April, I went to Bothwell School of Witchcraft as a photographer – my first larp, my first larp photography and an astounding, profoundly lifechanging six days.

#notacult… really, not, but oh, the acceptance and the likemindedness and the creativity and imagination and commitment to making magic – meant real magic happened.

New friendships which feel old, a sense of coming home, and a feeling of fitting in like never before.

I cried for days when I came home, and now the change Bothwell has wrought in me is beginning to take shape. I’m taking myself more seriously as an artist, I’m taking my business more seriously, and most of all I’m allowing myself to play and imagine and create – as I always have, but more publicly.

In larp I’ve found the endless game of pretend I’ve always longed for – in real life, with a real tribe of people who get it, and get me.

And I feel like something in me has been released. So here is where you’ll find my alter egos, my costumes, my daydreamings, my characters, my fairytales, my imaginings and my journey.

I’ll document as much as I can here, and the “proper” shoots will live over at Carla Watkins Photography.

Delighted to have you here for the ride!