A few of you might know that I applied for the Developing Your Creative Practice grant in August. Sadly I found out yesterday I didn’t get it, but am feeling surprisingly positive – the application taught me loads, I’m stepping up as a photographic artist as a result, and I’ve become much more confident about my work and putting myself out there.

So on the whole, I’d say it was a success!

In other news, I have been meeting with amazing humans all over the shop and am developing a dream team for a new project (which no doubt I will be unable to keep quiet about once we’ve firmed up the details).

I’ve also been back to Bothwell and am busy editing the nearly 7000 photos I took there, and plotting costumes and shoots and all sorts :)

And I have fabulous unicorn hair as of yesterday! Go see Verity Clarke Hair if you’re feeling colourful.


I also have about eight squillion things on my to do list, so on that note I shall be off… but I’ll be back soon! x