Popped in to the steampunk extravaganza at the East Anglian Railway Museum yesterday afternoon :)

Acquired a new wand and some custom pieces for my goggles, met some fabulous humans and took my tiny top hat-in-progress for its first trial run.

I walked like a girl in a boarding school story with a book on my head 😂 so will be looking at different ways to secure it, especially as I add to it and it gets heavier! The headband was pleasingly invisible though.

This guy was magical and Dad would have loved him. His name is Ichabod Steam – give him a follow!Loved the event and more shots to follow 💕

It was the first run of this event at the museum, I’m hopeful there will be more as it seemed a great venue & atmosphere!

Alter ego wise, I wore minimal kit because it was INCREDIBLY HOT (so just a velvet dress, my pocketwatch necklace and the hat), and was so absorbed in taking photos I forgot all about Nell. Maybe I’ll work some camera stuff into her backstory, too…