Imogen Estella Hawthorn

mixborn witch at Bothwell School of Witchcraft
Imogen Estella Hawthorn, Immy to her friends & family, is a mixborn witch (one magical parent and one Mundane parent) in her second year at Bothwell School of Witchcraft. Sorted into House Wisenforth, she’s clever, hardworking, quietly curious and calm under pressure.

Imogen’s an independent soul, having always been the oddball at her Mundane primary school. She doesn’t say very much until she knows you well – but once she’s sure of you, she doesn’t really stop talking.

She is endlessly fascinated by how Mundane technology can be used in the magical world, and equally (if less legally) fascinated by how witchcraft can enhance a Mundane lifestyle. She almost always has a camera in hand, and can often be found in the castle’s darkroom trying to coerce images from her digital camera to become moving magical cinemagraphs. She is yet to be fully successful.

Even more unusually, Immy owns a selection of wands rather than just the one, and she uses them all. One is her own, acquired in the usual fashion. One was her father’s, inherited on his death. The others she makes, with varying degrees of success. They all look like proper magic wands, but they can be rather… erratic… in use.

Immy loves animals and will go out of her way to snuggle any creature she can find – fluffy, scaly or otherwise. Her one exception is spiders, although she’s working on that as she’s been told the big ones purr when you stroke them.

Her mastery of magic is progressing well, and her favourite class was Potions in her first year – we’ll see what second year brings! 

I crewed the fourth and fifth run of Bothwell School of Witchcraft as photographer, so Imogen is coming with me… :) She is a delightful cross between my real schoolgirl self and every magical book I’ve ever read, every stick I’ve picked up and pretended is a wand, and every time I wished to be different in a good way, a magical way, while I was at school.